Ohio’s construction industry watchdog announced in a press release on Sept. 14 that it opposes Issue 3.

The next day, Matthew A. Szollosi, the Executive Director of ACT Ohio, appeared on the Jasen Sokol Show on 1590 WAKR-FM and discussed ACT Ohio’s decision to oppose Issue 3.

Szollosi discussed how ACT Ohio has spent millions of dollars ensuring their affiliated members are part of a drug-free workforce.

While talking with Sokol, Szollosi talked about construction being a hazardous industry and the most important matter for his Executive Board is to ensure a safe and productive workforce.

Members of ACT Ohio affiliates are subject to both mandatory and random drug testing.

Szollosi said the ACT Ohio Executive Board did not look at the economic impact of Issue 3, its effect on the economy, or morals. The reason for opposing Issue 3, he stated, is strictly how best to protect the industry and the message this sends to its members, contractors and project-owners about being committed to a drug-free workforce.