Educators and Career Counselors can request a presentation on apprenticeship. A Building Trades apprenticeship offers an opportunity to build a future. ACT Ohio wants to speak to ALL students about a career in the Building Trades. We are looking for bright, engaged students looking to build a career without amassing tens of thousands of dollars in student debt.

To be successful in our competitive apprenticeship programs, students are expected to:

  • Understand basic algebra
  • Excel at reading comprehension
  • Pass entrance, annual, and random drug tests
  • Have a drivers’ license and reliable transportation
  • Arrive on the job and at classes every day, on time
  • Show respect to their instructors and colleagues
  • Behave professionally
  • Work hard every day

In return, an apprenticeship will provide:

  • Competitive wages (Apprentices can start at $35,000 – $40,000 per year)
  • Employer-sponsored healthcare
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plans
  • Opportunities to work with your hands
  • A long career that can never be outsourced
  • Regular opportunities to upgrade your skills.

Each of the 12 Building Trades represented by ACT Ohio has its own apprenticeship program. Students choose the trade they wish to pursue (e.g. electrical worker, sheet metal, laborer, plumber/pipefitter, etc.), then apply directly with that craft at the union hall or Joint Apprenticeship Training Council facility in their area.

ACT Ohio speakers want to address all of your students; especially those who excel in math, science, and communications. Our presentations take approximately 25 minutes. If outside of Central Ohio, we like to address multiple classes to get information to a wide variety of students.

To request a presentation on the opportunities available through a Building Trades apprenticeship, please complete this form and return to Chris Zimmer at