ACT Ohio server room construction

ACT Ohio members build a massive server room in northwest Ohio.

Major technology companies, such as Amazon and Facebook, rely on highly-trained and highly skilled ACT Ohio members to perform integral work on their data centers.

ACT Ohio members expertly construct and maintain data centers under tight specifications and with the highest quality to ensure servers and other IT equipment vital to the successful operation of a major E-Commerce business, perform as expected.

Our tradesmen and tradeswomen not only perform the highly critical action of bringing electricity into these buildings and installing generators to ensure they r

emain online in case there is a power outage in the area, but they also properly install the most sophisticated and highly technical HVAC systems, ensuring the correct temperature and humidity is maintained in rooms housing critical data center equipment.

ACT Ohio technology construction

ACT Ohio members are expertly trained to build rooms to house sensitive technology equipment.

The state’s highly-skilled and highly trained construction workers also build rooms to house servers, backup closets, as well as running wire for wireless routers and installing access points into ceilings for routers.

Our members also perform the installation and maintenance for voice, data and video systems (VDV), as well as for integrated building systems, telephone systems, fiber optic networks, data networks, fire alarm systems, nurse call systems, CCTV systems and security systems.

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