Many of the state’s mayors gathered in Columbus on June 9, 2017 for a bipartisan conference, hoping to tackle the toughest issues facing Ohio cities. After the group discussed the opioid epidemic, they moved on to another important topic facing Ohioans: Jobs.

ACT Ohio Executive Director Matt Szollosi was invited to speak to help promote the Building Trades’ Apprenticeship Programs throughout the state, and to help those gathered understand the economic impact of the construction industry.

“At a time when there is grave concern about the shortage of skilled construction workers, the Ohio Building Trades are investing heavily in their Apprenticeship Programs,” said Szollosi. “Training centers are expanding and we are out there recruiting.”

Underscoring the importance of ACT Ohio’s fight to keep Ohio a Prevailing Wage state, Szollosi pointed to recently completed research siting that “Apprenticeship training falls by 40% after Prevailing Wage laws are repealed” in other states.

Szollosi recognized the importance of building diversity within the construction workforce. He noted that the same study reveals that ” Ninety-four percent of female apprentices and 88% of minority apprentices are enrolled in Ohio Building Trade Apprenticeship Programs.”

Thank you to the Ohio Mayors Alliance for the opportunity to inform and promote the importance of the Building Trades in Ohio.