ACT Ohio affiliates actively support programs to promote healthy and safe jobsites, including a drug-free workplace.

Construction is a dangerous profession in the best of circumstances. That’s why affiliate collective bargaining agreements require that 100% of ACT Ohio’s more than 92,000 skilled craftspeople are subject to random, mandatory drug testing – this is especially critical in a state that has legalized medical marijuana.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), impaired workers are at a much higher risk of injuring themselves and others on the job site. That’s why the Building Trades are committed to employing a drug-free workforce as part of our safety training.

ACT Ohio steadfastly supports the implementation of drug-free workplace programs, which include comprehensive drug testing, education, and employee assistance. Complete drug-free workforce procedures consist of the following:

  • Employee and Supervisor Training
  • Drug Testing (Initial, Annual, Computer-Generated Random, Post-Accident, For-Cause/ Reasonable Suspicion, and Return-to-Work)
  • Alcohol Testing (Post-Accident, For-Cause/Reasonable Suspicion)
  • Corrective Actions
  • Counselling & Rehabilitation


Benefits of a Drug-Free Workforce

For Project Owners

–  A drug- and alcohol-free workplace is absolutely essential to minimize unnecessary mistakes that could lead to grievous bodily harm, costly delays, fines, penalties, and negative publicity.

For Project Contractors

– Lower absenteeism

–  Fewer accidents

–  Lower experience modification ratings

–  Reduced business costs and increased bidding opportunities.

For Workers

–  The number one goal for ACT Ohio affiliated members is to return home safely to their families at the end of each work day.

–  A worker with diminished faculties due to any substance is a threat to fellow workers, the contractor, the owner, and the public.