Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters install and repair pipes that carry liquids or gases to, from, and within businesses, homes, and factories. All of these jobs require the installation, remodeling or maintenance of systems that carry water, steam, air and other liquids or gases necessary for sanitation, industrial production, heating and air conditioning, and many other uses.

Workers measure, cut, and bend pipe, as well as weld, braze, caulk, solder, glue or thread joints at residential and commercial job sites. 

At their Ohio training centers, Plumbing and Pipefitting apprentices will typically learn to:

  • Read blueprints and follow state and local building codes
  • Determine the material and equipment needed for a job
  • Install pipes and fixtures
  • Inspect and test installed pipe systems and pipelines
  • Troubleshoot malfunctioning systems
  • Repair and replace worn parts 

Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprenticeship Local 776 Lima


Pipefitters Apprenticeship Local 120 Cleveland

Plumbers & Steamfitters Apprenticeship Norwalk

Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprenticeship Local 396 Mahoning Valley

Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprenticeship Local 94 Canton

Plumbers, Steamfitters & MES Apprenticeship Local 219 Akron

Plumbers Apprenticeship Local 55 Cleveland

Plumbers & PipeFitters Apprenticeship Columbus

Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprenticeship Cambridge

Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprenticeship Marietta

Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship Local 577 – Portsmouth

Plumbers, Fitters & MES Apprenticeship Local 392 Cincinnati

Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprenticeship Dayton