ACT Ohio Sheet Metal WorkersThe Sheet Metal arm of SMART, formerly the Sheet Metal Workers International Association, represents 136,000 members in the sheet metal and related trades. SMART members have a well-earned reputation for providing signatory partners and customers a professionally trained work force that strives to always deliver excellence in workmanship, training, skill and integrity. SMART strives, through its industry’s code of excellence to be honest, trustworthy, productive, and reliable for a long-lasting relationship.

SMART construction apprentices and journeymen use the newest equipment and training in their day-to-day work. The training SMART members receive is done through a 4-year apprentice program, on the job, and extensive classroom training. SMART journeymen continue to advance their skills and certifications utilizing our world class training centers to stay abreast of changes in technology and work practices.

SMART members are unique in the construction industry as the only trade that designs, manufactures, and installs their own products. These skilled craftspersons take ordinary types of flat metal and make them into specialized products for various duct and ventilation systems, as well as architectural and specialized metal fabrication. Members of the trade are proud of its special distinction: They not only build; they create.

The term “sheet metal” refers to any metal that can be formed into flat pieces of varying thicknesses. Using specialized tools, sheet metal workers cut, roll, bend, and shape these pieces to make a wide variety of objects such as ductwork; airplane wings; car bodies; refrigeration units; medical tables and storage units; building facades; steel sheets; tubing; and signs. Metals used in the sheet metal industry include cold rolled steel, mild steel, tin, nickel, titanium, aluminum, brass, and copper. Sheet metal comes in flat pieces or coils and are measured by their thickness or gauge. Very thin pieces of metal are called foil or leaf; thick metals are called plate.


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