Chris Miller

Marietta Welding Apprentice Chris Miller

A Marietta welding apprentice will soon get the chance to prove he is the best in the country at his trade during the upcoming UA International Apprentice Competition in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Chris Miller, 24, an apprentice of Marietta’s UA Local 168 and employee of Pioneer Pipe, Inc., is ready to take on the other best welding apprentices in the nation. He took home first place honors at the Ohio State Apprenticeship Contest in Toledo and the UA District 2 Contest in Indianapolis by displaying the best craftsmanship and high score on his written examinations.

The tests, designed to challenge apprentices on what they have learned up to this point in their careers, are challenging, to say the least.

The skills and quality craftsmanship displayed by Chris and the other candidates in Indianapolis is a reflection on their dedication and commitment to their education and safety training – traits that will serve them well in their future careers. 

ACT Ohio congratulates Chris Miller on a job well done and wishes him the best in Ann Arbor!