Terence Flynn has resigned his position on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) following a report issued by Board’s Inspector General which found he improperly leaked confidential information to two former Board members, one of whom at the time of the leak was a high level advisor to Mitt Romeny’s presidential campaign on labor policy and the other an attorney that represents the National Association of Manufactures.

The NLRB Inspector General’s report said that Flynn told the two former members of the Board information on the status of pending cases and information on how members of the Board were expected to vote. The Inspector General’s report found that Flynn “knew, or should have known, that he had a duty to maintain the confidence of the information that he received in the performance of his duties.” The report also criticized Flynn for his lack of candor during the Inspector General’s investigation.

Flynn’s resignation will take effect July 24, 2012; he has recused himself of all NLRB business until his resignation takes effect.