The Affiliated Construction Trades of Ohio (“ACT Ohio”) is a 501(c)(5) organization created by the Ohio State Building & Construction Trades Council to facilitate economic and industrial development and incorporate industry best practices for Ohio’s public and private capital improvement projects. ACT Ohio announced Friday that its Executive Board formally endorsed a number of candidates for public office.

“Our organization, through the very clear direction of the Executive Board, will support candidates and elected officials that promote work opportunities for our members,” said Executive Director Matthew Szollosi.

Rep. David P. Joyce (R)
Member of Congress
14th Congressional District, Ohio

Jennifer Garrison, (D)
Candidate for Congress,
6th Congressional District, Ohio

Sen. Gayle Manning, (R)
13th Ohio Senate District

Rep. Dale Mallory, (D)
9th Ohio Senate District

Rep. Armond Budish, (D)
Cuyahoga County Executive

“These individuals have demonstrated leadership on issues that help create jobs within the construction industry, and for that we are appreciative,” said Szollosi.

“With us, it’s quite simple. Our members want to go to work, earn a fair wage that supports the communities we live in, and provide good benefits for their families. We’re willing to stand with those who believe in our issues, and we plan to make our endorsements matter.”