The Staff of ACT Ohio have been busy promoting Apprenticeship Programs around the state.

In April, Legal Counsel Rob Dorans and Communications Specialist Chris Zimmer gave four presentations at two high schools – one in Cincinnati and one in Milan – to interested students.

“I learned so much about the opportunities apprenticeship programs provide,” said Elisa Brown, School Counselor at Edison High School in Milan.

Stepping up its efforts to help JATCs recruit more apprentices, ACT Ohio ihas launched a newsletter for school counselors, building trades’ instructors, and career tech centers. Dorans will also be speaking to both groups at their upcoming conferences.

“Making these influencers aware of their local apprenticeship programs and the opportunities they provide can be a real game-changer for a lot of kids,” said Dorans. “Many students have been told that you need at least a four-year college degree to achieve any sort of success. That’s simply not true. Enrolling in and graduating from a building trades apprenticeship program is a direct path to Ohio’s middle class.”

ACT Ohio is in the process of reaching out to high schools around Ohio to begin scheduling fall presentations to students. If you know of a high school group that could benefit from this program, please email Chris Zimmer at