On April 4, 2018, the Greater Cincinnati Apprenticeship Council welcomed nearly 250 high school students and interested community members to their fourth annual Career Fair. Pervious events have topped out at around 175 attendees, said IBEW Assistant Training Director Chris Fridel.

With about 400 apprenticeship openings in the region, Building Trades Training Directors and Business Managers were out in force to inspire young people to build their future with an apprenticeship.

All of the Building Trades spokespeople reiterated that the work outlook for the Cincinnati area looks good, and was improving; underscoring the need to get qualified, reliable apprentices into training centers now.

“Attendance, attitude, and appearance will get you ahead in almost any career,” said UA 392 Business Agent Bill Froehle. “Showing up on time, every day, eager to learn and with a good attitude will get you far in the trades.”

While some experience like understanding basic algebra or knowing how to read a blueprint is helpful, necessary skills also include reliability, accountability, and understanding how to work together.

“Everyone learns how to coordinate together and work in harmony to finish a job on time and under budget,” said IUPAT District 6 instructor Anthony Anneken.

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