Earlier this week the Ohio State Building & Construction Trades Council hosted its annual federal legislative breakfast in Washington D.C. Over 100 Building Trades leaders from across the state gathered to hear updates on federal policy which impacts the construction industry. Senator Sherrod Brown (D) joined the group and discussed his efforts to move legislation to help stabilize private sector pension funds, several of which affect Building Trades members in Ohio. Senator Brown also thank the labor leaders for their commitment to raising wages and working conditions for all workers.

U.S. Representative Bill Johnson (R) updated the group on transportation spending and a federal infrastructure. Both pieces of legislation has the potentially to create tens of thousands of construction jobs nationwide. Rep. Johnson continued to echo his support of the inclusion of Davis-Bacon requirements for these bills. Davis-Bacon provisions will ensure that construction workers are paid the standard local wage and benefits package. These protections ensure that construction workers are paid a fair wage on these taxpayer funded projects.

“I appreciate Sen. Brown and Rep. Johnson taking the time to address our members.” said Dennis Duffey, Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio State Building & Construction Trades Council. “What goes on in Congress has a direct impact on our members ability to earn a living in the construction industry. Both Sen. Brown and Rep. Johnson are fighting to ensure that Building Trades members in Ohio have the ability to earn an honest living and support their families.”

The legislative breakfast coincided with the National Building Trades of North America Legislative. The Conference brought labor leaders in the construction industry nationwide together to focus on federal issues affecting the industry. Attendees hear from legislative leaders such as Sen. Chuck Shumer (D-NY), Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA), and many others. The theme of the Conference was using Building Trades pension funds to help spur economic development projects that employee union members.