ACT Ohio looks forward to working with Gov. DeWine, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, and the DeWine-Husted administration.

Gov. DeWine was sworn in as Ohio’s 70th governor on Monday, Jan. 14 during a public ceremony at the Statehouse. During his inaugural address, Gov. DeWine articulated the values that will guide his administration:

“Family is everything. Education is the key to equality and to opportunity. And everyone – no matter where they were born or who their parents are – deserves the chance to succeed, to get a good-paying job, to raise a family comfortably, and to be secure in their future” said Gov. DeWine.

“We look forward to working with Governor DeWine and his administration,” says ACT Ohio Executive Director Matt Szollosi. “We have the opportunity to grow our state’s economy as never before, a chance to provide more Ohioans a pathway to the middle class by continuing to strengthen Ohio’s building and construction sector.”


(Image credit: Office of Governor Mike DeWine)