The Affiliated Construction Trades of Ohio (“ACT Ohio”) has issued the following candidate endorsements for the 2014 General Election.

ACT Ohio has determined that our organization will support those on both sides of the aisle who have demonstrated a willingness to better understand the construction industry and our business model,” said ACT Ohio Executive Director Matt Szollosi. “With our emphasis on apprenticeship training, safety, and professionalism, our members and partner-contractors stand ready to meet the needs of our customers, in both the public and private sectors. We appreciate the efforts and commitment of all who serve.”

Rep. Armond Budish (D) – Cuyahoga County Executive

Sen. Kevin Bacon (R) – 3rd District
Sen. Bill Beagle (R) – 5th District
Cecil Thomas (D) – 9th District
Sen. Edna Brown (D) – 11th District
Sen. Gayle Manning (R) – 13th District
Rep. Sandra Williams (D) – 21st District
Kenny Yuko (D) – 25th District
Sen. Frank LaRose (R) – 27th District
Sen. Scott Oelslager (R) – 29th District
Rep. Jay Hottinger (R) – 31st District

Rep. Tim Brown (R) – 3rd District
Bob Cupp (R) – 4th District
Rep. Nick Barborak (D) – 5th District
Rep. Marlene Anielski (R) – 6th District
Rep. Mike Dovilla (R) – 7th District
Rep. Nickie Antonio (D) – 13th District
Martin Sweeney (D) – 14th District
Rep. Nick Celebreeze (D) – 15th District
Rep. Mike Curtin (D) – 17th District
Rep. Mike Stinziano (D) – 18th District
Rep. Anne Gonzales (R) – 19th District
Rep. Heather Bishoff (D) – 20th District
Rep. Mike Duffey (R) – 21st District
David Leland (D) – 22nd District
Rep. Stephanie Kunze (R) – 24th District
Rep. Kevin Boyce (D) – 25th District
Micah Kamrass (D) – 28th District
Rep. Denise Driehaus (D) – 31st District
Rep. Alicia Reese (D) – 33rd District
Emilia Sykes (D) – 34th District
Rep. Anthony DeVitis (R) – 36th District
David Worhatch (D) – 37th District
Rep. Fred Strahorn (D) – 39th District
Rep. Roland Winburn (D) – 43rd District
Rep. Mike Ashford (D) – 44th District
Rep. Mike Sheehy (D) – 46th District
Rep. Barbara Sears (R) – 47th District
Rep. Kirk Schuring (R) – 48th District
Rep. Steve Slesnick (D) – 49th District
Rep. Tim Derrickson (R) – 53rd District
Nathan Manning (R) – 55th District
Rep. Ron Gerberry (D) – 59th District
Rep. John Rogers (D) – 60th District
Rep. Sean O’Brien (D) – 63rd District
Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhl (R) – 68th District
Rep. David Hall (R) – 70th District
Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D) – 75th District
Sarah LaTourette (R) – 76th District
Darrell Jackson (D) – 79th District
Rep. Chris Redfern (D) – 89th District
Rep. Terry Johnson (R) – 90th District
Rep. Cliff Rosenberger (R) – 91st District
Rep. Ryan Smith (R) – 93rd District
Rep. Debbie Phillips (D) – 94th District
Charlie Daniels (D) – 95th District
Rep. Jack Cera (D) – 96th District
Rep. Brian Hill (R) – 97th District
Rep. Al Landis (R) – 98th District
Rep. John Patterson (D) – 99th District

Rep. Connie Pillich (D) – State Treasurer

Fred Kundrata (D) – 1st District
Jennifer Garrison (D) – 6th District
Congressman David Joyce (R) – 14th District


Mike DeWine (R) – Attorney General
John O’Donnell (D) – Ohio Supreme Court