Last week, the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA) hosted a 3-day competition, which was held in Cleveland at Pipefitters Local 120 and Plumbers Local 55. During the UA Apprenticeship Competition, contestants took written tests to determine their knowledge and also were tested on skills used every day on the jobsite such as torch cutting, welding, tube bending, solder/brazing, rigging, transit, dry valve, screw pipe and knot tying, etc. Safety was also emphasized on the testing.

Each local sent a representative from each of their trades. Overall, there were 46 UA apprentices in this friendly competition. The winners advance to the UA District 2 Regional Competition that will be held in Washington D.C. in early June.

Jason Shank, Training Director for Plumbers Local 55, commented “It’s amazing.  Most of these are 4th and 5th year apprentices who have come from not knowing anything to showing the skills that they have this week – it’s just amazing. They’ve shown how far they’ve come and where they’re going to go for their career to support their families.”

Additionally, Rick Salisbury, former UA Local 50 Director of Training, was honored for his years of dedication. He is now a Business Agent at UA Local 50.


State Champions

State Champions

Below are the results noting the top three finishers:


1. Jeremy Boyer – Local 50

2. Wyatt Back – Local 392

3. Luke Wiseman – Local 189


1. Jared Dusseau – Local 50

2. Seth Rentsch – Loacl 94

3. Brad Mandel – Local 120


1. Don Hall – Local 396

2. Jeff Cindric – Local 189

3. Derrick Van Hove – Local 50

Sprinkler Fitter

1. John Sabetta – Local 120

2. Nickolas Karr – Local 669

3. Adam Bresler – Local 669


1. Justin Alban – Local 495

2. Derek Shriver – Local 168

3. Devin Ward – Local 577


Congrats to everyone who advanced to regionals!