A recent UA Journal article recognized the second smallest UA local in Ohio for their exemplary approach to business communication.

Lima UA Local 776 earned national recognition for being a model local for UA General President William P. Hite’s tripartite initiative. Lima Building and Construction Trades Council President and UA Local 766 Business Manager Mike Knisley was also acknowledged in the article for his contributions for his local’s success.

Knisley, since taking over as Business Manager in 2004, has embraced the tripartite business philosophy. Besides the hard work of his officers, training staff, and members, he credits this method for his local’s success. The approach, as noted in the UA Journal, brings together the jobsite owner, contractor, and labor in order to have open dialogue and help improve relationships. These relationships help to align all parties involved in the projects and open up communication to new levels.

Being home to a number of petrochemical facilities, manufacturing plants, and a refinery keeps Local 776 extremely busy – especially since the UA’s National Maintenance Agreement covers all of the work performed at these plants. Utilizing a tripartite approach, the contractors, and Local 776 can more easily come together and help solve problems that arise for the owners because they have a better understanding of the owner’s needs and expectations.

In addition to the tripartite approach, Knisley told the UA Journal that he is also involved within the local community. For instance, he sits on numerous community boards, including being a member of the Allen County Economic Development Board. Through community involvement, he has further enhanced his business relationships.

By constantly engaging the owners or their reps, Knisley feels he has established a level of unique level of trust. The tripartite approach helps to foster a team atmosphere that keeps all parties on the same page and allows everyone to focus on the same goals. Through open communication, contracts work with one another to more effectively staff large projects, which helps to better allocate the limited manpower of Local 776 and the traveling journeymen who come to the area for work.