As many as 60 workers employed by three different roofing contractors were not paid proper wages or benefits totaling nearly $85,000 for roof replacement work on a U.S. Post Office building in Columbus, according to a U.S. Department of Labor investigation.

The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 86 in Columbus worked in conjunction with ACT Ohio to conduct the initial investigation, sparked by tips that the roofing contractors were not following proper federal wage guidelines outlined in the Davis-Bacon Act.

The three roofing contractors identified by The Department of Labor and the related violations are as follows:

1.)    Inland Construction Equipment: 5 workers are due prevailing wage rates and 26 workers are due unpaid fringe benefits, for a total of $56,878 in back wages. In addition, 6 workers were found to be in violation of Contract Work Hours Safety standards (overtime) for a total of $1,363 in back wages.

2.)    National Roof and Drainage: 2 workers are due prevailing wage rates and 7 workers are due fringe benefits for a total of $5,994 in back wages.

3.)    Willis Roofing: 14 workers are due $19,153 in unpaid fringe benefits.

The wage violations total $83,288, and could involve as many as 60 employees.

ACT Ohio and RWAW Local 86 have notified print and TV media in and around Columbus of these violations.