Yesterday, Michigan Republicans introduced and passed a ‘Right to Work for Less’ law in the state legislature. In an extraordinary move the legislation received no committee hearings and was passed by both chambers of the Michigan legislator mere hours after introduction. Details of the bill weren’t publicly available until it was read aloud during floor debate on the bill.

Democrats opposed to the legislation were powerless to stop it as Republicans hold large majorities in both chambers of the legislator.

‘Right to Work for Less’ laws prohibit union security agreements and interfere with private contract bargaining between employees and employers. These laws seek to weaken labor unions ability to fairly represent its membership.

Introduction and passage of the measure drew strong protest from union supporters. The state capital was closed to the public during a portion of the debate and a court order was reportedly required to reopen the building to protestors.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder has in the past opposed ‘Right to Work for Less’ measures; however, he has indicated that he will sign the legislation.