Gas-Tax Agreement Promotes Ohio’s Economic and Workforce Development

For Immediate Release: April 3, 2019 by ACT Ohio

Columbus, OH — The working men and women of Ohio’s Affiliated Construction Trades (ACT Ohio) commend Governor DeWine and members of the Ohio House and Senate for their commitment to maintaining Ohio’s critical transportation infrastructure. Their agreement on a 10.5-cents-per-gallon gas tax and 19-cents-per-gallon diesel tax will lead to thousands of direct jobs for blue-collar construction workers making competitive wages and good benefits for their families.

Ohio’s two-year Transportation Budget is vital to the state’s economic and workforce development, as it funds state and local construction projects which put tens of thousands of Building Trades journeypersons and apprentices to work every day. In short, House Bill 62 is a jobs bill. It will help ensure continued economic strength and low unemployment figures for the State of Ohio.

Additionally, the strong infrastructure which HB62 will help fund is vital to Ohio’s continued industrial and overall economic growth.

“Maintaining and improving Ohio’s infrastructure is critically important to investors looking to Ohio for development projects,” says Matt Szollosi, Executive Director of ACT Ohio. “This agreement sends a message to investors that Ohio is serious about building our logistical advantages over competing states for industrial investment.”

ACT Ohio appreciates the leadership of Governor DeWine and the General Assembly for reaching bipartisan agreement on this meaningful investment in infrastructure, economic development and middle-class jobs for Ohioans.


ACT Ohio (Affiliated Construction Trades of Ohio Foundation) is a 501(c)(5) organization created by the Ohio State Building & Construction Trades Council to encourage economic and industrial development opportunities, and to facilitate industry best practices for the state’s public and private construction. Our 137 local affiliates, along with 14 regional councils represent approximately 95,000 highly skilled, highly trained Building and Construction Trades workers across Ohio. In addition, our members invest over $50 million annually to operate 80 Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee schools, which provide Ohioans tuition-free access to apprenticeship training in 14 distinct Building and Construction Trades. 

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