United States District Judge Philip has been asked to block the implementation of Indiana’s new controversial “So Called Right to Work” legislation. A hearing will be held March 5th on the legislation.

Judge Philip asked Indiana’s Republican Governor Mitch Daniels and other backers of the anti-worker legislation to submit briefs supporting their case that the legislation is constitutional.

Labor unions in Indiana have argued that the “So Called Right to Work” legislation violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution as the measure requires unions to provide free representation to workers the refuse to join the union or pay any dues to defray the cost of collective bargaining and other union provided services.

“So Called Right to Work” legislation is a direct attack on the ability of labor unions to fairly represent employees in the workplace. This type of legislation is often refered to as “Right to Work for LESS” as stastics provided by the United States Department of Labor demonsrate that employees in “So Called Right to Work” state often earn less than thier counter parts in states free of such laws.

Indiana became the 23rd state to pass “So Called Right to Work” legislation and the first to do so in the Midwest.