A frequent question Ohio’s small and mid-sized construction contractors want answered: How can I grow my contracting business and increase profits? The answer: Become a signatory contractor.

Being a union signatory construction contractor brings small and medium-sized construction companies several benefits, including:

  1. Access to a larger pool of skilled tradespeople: Ohio Building Trades contractors have access to a highly skilled and trained workforce through hundreds of hiring halls across Ohio and surrounding states.
  2. Improved jobsite safety mitigates risk for contractors: Ohio Building Trades unions have strong safety programs and provide training to ensure that workers are equipped to work safely.
  3. Increased productivity and operational efficiency: Union workers typically receive ongoing training and education, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency on the job site. Increased productivity matched with superior quality of the final project means your contracting company can deliver best-value services for your clients.
  4. Satisfied and dedicated workforce: Union workers and their contractors follow clearly defined agreements that provide higher feelings of job security and benefits for your employees, while allowing the contracting company owner to outsource your hiring and human resource management to your local trade union, saving your company time and cost on employee management.
  5. Improved employee relationships: Signatory contractors often have more positive relationships with their workforce and can avoid labor disputes, strikes, and other disruptions to the construction project lifecycle.
  6. Greater certainty in costs and schedules: Union contracts often include clear and defined work rules, wages, and benefits, which can provide greater certainty in terms of project costs and schedules.

The outcome of these factors is simple:

More Bid Capacity + Operational Efficiency + On-Demand Skilled Workers = Increased Profits 

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