Earlier this month the National Labor Relations Board finalized two administrative rules supporting workers’ rights.

Under the new rule all employers that are covered by the National Labor Relations Act will be required to post a notice in a conspicuous location informing employees of their workplace rights. The new employee rights notice is similar to those required by the Department of Labor for federal contractors.  In addition to informing employees of their workplace rights the notice also is required to detail prohibited employer conduct under the NLRA.

After a lengthy notice and comment period the rule is slated to take effect on April 30, 2012. The new rule will help employees become aware of their rights and places little to no burdens on employers at the same time.

The NLRB has also finalized a rule to expedite the union election process; eliminating unnecessary delays and utilizing modern technologies. The NLRB’s new rule allows for election petitions, election notices, and voter lists to be transferred electronically rather than traditional mail. Under the new rule the NLRB is allowed to provide compliance assistance parties involved in a union representational election thus avoiding potential unfair labor practices during the election which can lead to election results being set aside.

The new rule sets aside several election challenge procedures until after the election thus reducing the lengthy delays which employers often use to intimidate employees. The final rule is to take effect on April 30, 2012.

Both rules were strongly opposed by corporate interests including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.