Ohio will NOT follow in the steps of its geographic neighbors, Michigan and Indiana, to become the latest So-Called Right to Work state, if Summit County leaders have a say in the matter.

Resolutions were passed by both Summit County Council and Akron City Council opposing a push by the group misleadingly named Ohioans for Workplace Freedom to get a “So Called Right to Work” proposal before voters in this year’s general election. In order to get their referendum on the November ballot, the group needs to gather at least 386,000 valid signatures.

Supporters of the proposed constitutional change claim it is needed to make Ohio more competitive for businesses; in reality, the law would lower the wages and endanger the health and safety of the state’s middle class workers.

“This is union busting,” Akron City Councilman Jeff Fusco told the Akron Beacon Journal Tuesday of the proposed Ohio amendment. “It is driven by the tea party and big money.”

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