Mike Jackson, the executive secretary-treasurer of the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights, offers up some compelling information related to Prevailing Wage Laws. His comments were published as an opinion piece in The Lansing State Journal entitled “Prevailing wage law drives economy.”

“Prevailing wage laws attract skilled, safe and productive workers who ensure that projects are done on budget, saving costs for businesses and taxpayers.

“Efforts to repeal prevailing wage laws are wrongheaded and reckless — to workers, to Michigan businesses that play by the rules, and to taxpayers. Construction industry prevailing wage laws are a check against a dangerous tendency in the construction industry: Cutting corners, low bids and other unscrupulous practices that degenerate into destructive wage and price competition.”

It’s important to remember that efforts to protect Prevailing Wage initiatives in Michigan also helps support Ohio and the entire region, lifting rates for all skilled construction work.

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