Lucas County Prevailing Wage Rates

The chart below provides the current prevailing wage paid for construction work in Lucas county. The chart is broken down by craft and many of the major classifications within each craft. Due to the amount of classifications, many are not listed on this chart. Please contact ACT Ohio or the State of Ohio to receive additional classifications.

The first dollar amount represents the Base Hourly Wage, followed by a summary of the various benefits (“fringe benefits”) received, and finally the Total Hourly Compensation (Total Package) is provided. Fringe benefits must be paid as contributions to bona fide employee benefit plan (healthcare, pension, 401(k), etc.) or as an increase to the base hourly wage. Fringe benefits must be calculated and paid on an hourly basis.

Overtime is required to be paid after 40 hours per week on a prevailing wage project. The overtime rate is 1.5 times the wage being paid to a worker.

*These prevailing wage rates are for informational purposes ONLY. Contractors should only rely on the Ohio Department of Commerce, Bureau of Wage & Hour wage classifications. To obtain a updated Ohio Department of Commerce, Bureau of Wage & Hour wage classification please contact ACT Ohio.


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