ACT Ohio union members work with their employing contractors in labor-management cooperation coalitions (LMCC) so that there are always open lines of communication between employees and employers, which helps minimize labor strife and foster working environments where work costs and delays are minimized.

Working together allows Ohio’s union industry to maximize construction-project productivity, which helps ensure customers will consistently receive superior work.

ACT Ohio union members look to improve the relationship with their signatory employers so they can become more competitive by implementing programs that increase employment opportunities while jointly promoting the value of labor.

The LMCC is an effective tool for improving communication between representatives of labor and management, with the ultimate goals of improving working relationships, developing training standards, fostering safe and healthy working conditions, and marketing union construction.


The Benefits of Labor-Management Cooperation

For Workers

  • A LMCC provides a channel of communication to top management.
  • A LMCC provides the ability to participate in policy and decision-making.
  • A LMCC provides avenues for employees to register complaints that cannot be appropriately addressed in a grievance procedure.
  • A LMCC provides opportunities for self-improvement and on-the-job leadership training.

For Contractors

  • A LMCC provides a channel of communication with employees
  • A LMCC provides a forum to share information about business conditions, quality, product development and other important issues.
  • A LMCC provides the opportunity to demonstrate responsiveness to constructive suggestions and valid complaints of employees
  • A LMCC provides a means to tap into the experience and knowledge of employees

For Project Owners

  • A LMCC provides labor harmony, which results in better production on construction projects.