One of the nation’s top hospital systems trusts Building Trade members to construct and renovate their hospitals.

The Cleveland Clinic utilizes Project Labor Agreements in order for union construction workers to expertly build new hospitals, and renovate and maintain existing facilities.

Journeymen and apprentices working for The Cleveland Clinic and other hospitals throughout the state receive Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) training  before working on the project. This training helps them not only work safely in hospitals, but allows them to build the structures with an understanding of how to stop the spread of airborne diseases.

Besides taking ICRA and lifesaving OSHA training courses, tradesmen and tradeswomen receive both on-the-job and classroom instruction to hone their skills, which in turn, help them provide high quality work.

This quality provides additional value to projects few other construction workforces can offer because it means they will do the work right the first time, helping projects finish on time and on or under budget.

From projects in Cleveland, Toledo, Akron, Mansfield, Columbus, Lima and elsewhere throughout the state, ACT Ohio affiliated unions and their members build the hospitals people count on for lifesaving medical procedures.