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Workplace Safety

Protecting Workers on the Job

ACT Ohio union members provide their workforce with OSHA safety training to help protect their workers and keep construction projects progressing with minimal stoppages due to accidents and injuries – which, in turn, keep construction costs down.

Safety training is a standard part of construction union training for apprentices and upgrade journeyman training – because a recent study concluded that “participation in health and safety training reduced workers' compensation claims by 34 percent.”

Union training curriculum provides OSHA safety training classes, so utilizing a union workforce is one of the best ways to reduce accidents, injuries, downtime and workers’ compensation costs. Studies show that skilled, unionized construction workers are safer, involved in fewer accidents and suffer less loss-time injuries than their nonunion counterparts.

A safe workforce lowers costs, reduces accidents and increases productivity, so safety is good for business. And statistics show that unionized workers make up the safest workforce in the construction industry.

Occupational Safety and
Health Administration (OSHA)


 Find an OSHA Ohio office.

The Benefits of Union Safety Training

For Workers

  • Union Safety Training results in fewer workplace injuries and fatalities.
  • Union Safety Training results in great production and better pay and benefits.

For Contractors

    • Union Safety Training results in opportunity for employers to save money because trained workers are better able to avoid costly accidents that can cause work stoppages, employee shortages and workers’ compensation claims.
    • Union Safety Training results in higher levels of work productivity because workers can feel more secure on a jobsite.
    • Union Safety Training results in the retention of a high number of employees because they will want to work for a contractor that is concerned about their safety.