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Union Workforce Training

Ensuring Well-Prepared Craftspersons

ACT Ohio member unions train their own apprentices and provide continuing, upgrade training to their skilled journey-level craftsmen through their own state-of-the-art training facilities. Each union training program is operated and administered by a Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC), a labor-management effort that provides funding, support and standardized curriculum to the union training programs.

The construction industry relies heavily on skilled craftsmanship, so its apprenticeship and journeyman upgrade-training programs give union members the skills and knowledge to be top-rate and fully productive trades workers. A union-trained craftsman receives certified training, including safety and skills training, at no cost to the union member.

Apprenticeship and journeyman upgrade training is provided at modern training facilities with certified instructors. As a major component of union workforce training, the JATC provides safety training both on the job and through Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) construction outreach training programs.

Union journeyman-level workers are kept current and up-to-date in the newest technologies because unions provide skills-upgrade training that constantly addresses new training needs and designs appropriate training courses.

ACT Ohio member unions, through their JATCs, invest MILLIONS of dollars each year to ensure the organized construction-labor workforce is the safest and most highly qualified in the construction industry – at no cost to taxpayers.



It's a FACT: Union Worksites More Productive and Safe!
An independent study by Independent Project Analysis, comparing a wide variety of similar projects, has found that job sites that are composed of unionized Building Trades craft professionals, which feature better-trained individuals who are paid better wages and benefits and are working under a Project Labor Agreement (PLA), are far more productive than non-union, lower-wage work sites ... and far more safe.


Union Apprenticeship Programs

Find a building-trades training program that will properly prepare you for a career in the construction industry. For more information about union apprenticeship, click here. 

The Benefits of Union Training

For Workers

  • Union training creates the best-skilled construction trades employeeswho are more likely thant their non-union counterparts to receive higher wages and benefits.
  • Union training creates workers who are better trained and more prepared for any job.
  • Union training is provided at little or no cost to the member and apprentices earn while they learn.

For Contractors

  • Union training provides union contractors with access to a large pool of the state's top-rated trades workers.
  • Union training provides union contractors with expanded bid opportunities and greater hiring flexibility because of thier ability to have a trained workforce available to them.

For Project Owners

  • Union training provides thoroughly trained construction tradespersons to any construction project, so owners receive professional construction, maintenance and installation services – and their projects are completed on time and on budget.