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ABC Working To Undercut Middle Class!
The latest research from the Building and Construction Trades Department proves that the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) primary ideological and political agenda drives down wages, cuts benefits and eliminates unions -- undercutting the American middle class. Thomas Kriger, a professor at the National Labor College, explains ABC's "low-road employment strategy," which uses a low-pay, low-benefits and limited opportunities for training strategy.


It's a FACT: Union Worksites More Productive and Safe!
An independent study by Independent Project Analysis, comparing a wide variety of similar projects, has found that job sites that are composed of unionized Building Trades craft professionals, which feature better-trained individuals who are paid better wages and benefits and are working under a Project Labor Agreement (PLA), are far more productive than non-union, lower-wage work sites ... and far more safe.


Help Protect Ohio's Prevailing Wage Law by Being Informed, Active!
Ohio's Prevailing Wage Laws protect union workers and working-class families by providing fair wages, meaningful employment and training opportunities. Learn how YOU can help protect Prevailing Wage from constant attacks by knowing the facts about the law and all it does.


Gov. Kasich Cool to "So Called Right to Work" Proposal
At a press conference Governor John Kasich (R) continued to withhold his support for a “So Called Right to Work” constitutional amendment. Gov. Kasich said that Ohio does not have labor unrest issues and that he makes that clear to those looking to do business in the state.


Homes built with construction products made in America are creating jobs in America -- while keeping construction costs very comparable and sometimes even cutting costs!

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