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ACT Ohio-Watchdog For The Construction Industry in OhioACT Ohio advocates for quality, safe construction by qualified contractors and skilled craftsmen, as well as level competition to ensure the state’s tax dollars are spent properly. ACT Ohio strives to educate and inform the public on the importance of fair wages, workforce training, industry regulations, safety standards and green construction practices.

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ACT Ohio Announces Political Endorsements (December)

The Executive Board of the Affiliated Construction Trades of Ohio (“ACT Ohio”) recently endorsed a number of additional candidates for legislative office.

The endorsements are in line with ACT Ohio’s mission to facilitate economic and industrial development and incorporate industry best practices for Ohio’s public and private capital improvement projects.

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Bill would require roofing contractors to have a license

State Senator Tom Patton, R-24, has proposed a bill to require all roofing contractors working in Ohio to have a license.

Senate Bill 351 was introduced July 3. If approved, it would add roofing contractors to existing laws that oversee and govern “specialty contractors,” which currently includes HVAC, refrigeration, electrical, plumbing and hydronics contractors.

The bill also calls for the expansion of the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board to include a roofing section that would have primary responsibility for the licensure of roofing contractors.

Besides a fee, the proposed legislation creates numerous requirements to obtain a roofing contractor license, including the ability to document at least three years of roofing experience, participation in a continuing education program and proof of contractor’s liability insurance.

ACT Ohio is working in conjunction with United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers And Allied Workers to monitor the bill’s progress.


Matt Szollosi named to NAFC Board of Directors

ACT Ohio Executive Director Matt Szollosi was recently appointed to fill a Fair Contracting position on the Board of Directors of the National Alliance for Fair Contracting (NAFC).

“Your selection reflects the commitment and dedication you have shown as a leader in the fair contracting field,” said NAFC Chairman Rocco Davis, in a letter alerting Szollosi of his appointment. “We look forward to your leadership and participation in NAFC as it continues to be one of the premier labor-management organizations in the nation.”

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