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Drug-Free Workforce

Making Worksites Safer and More Productive

ACT Ohio steadfastly supports the implementation of union drug-free workplace programs, inclusive of comprehensive drug testing, education and employee assistance.

ACT Ohio union members know that substance abuse can be a problem within the construction industry, so our unions support programs to promote healthy and safe job sites through drug testing and treatment programs provided by the unions for their members.

Through a commitment to a drug-free workplace, unions help their members meet the very highest standards of workplace safety – while providing union contractors with a workforce of skilled craftsmen who are substance-tested.

Complete drug-free workforce procedures consist of the following:

  • Employee and Supervisor Training
  • Drug Testing (Initial, Annual, Computer-Generated Random, Post-Accident, For-Cause/Reasonable Suspicion, and Return-to-Work)
  • Alcohol Testing (Post-Accident, For-Cause/Reasonable Suspicion)
  • Corrective Actions 
  • Counselling & Rehabilitation


Drug-Free Workplace Alliance

ACT Ohio and Ohio’s union construction industry supports the Department of Labor’s cooperative program focused on improving worker safety and health through drug-free workplace programs.

To learn more about the Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, click here


The Benefits of a Union Drug-Free Workforce

  • A drug-free workplace produces lower absenteeism, fewer accidents, higher morale, lower workers'compensation costs, lower medical costs, less theft and less violence on the job.
  • A drug-free workplace produces higher productionand, therefore, a better bottom-line for contractors and project owners.