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Apprenticeship Training

A Vital Component for Building Ohio

ACT Ohio firmly believes and advocates that the foundation of a strong, healthy construction industry, which touches many aspects of every life in Ohio, are vibrant, intensive and fully certified union Apprenticeship Training Programs for the industry’s future workforce. 

ACT Ohio unions and their contractors maintain and fund their own state-of-the-art training facilities across the state, each of which is operated and administered by a Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC). A JATC is a labor-management effort that provides funding and standardized curriculum to the union training programs.

Apprenticeship is the traditional process for training and educating someone to be a qualified and skilled construction trades craftsman. It involves classroom, workshop and on-the-job instruction for training-level workers, who are paid while they learn.

An apprentice who graduates to journeyman level is recognized as a well-qualified worker who can command the best wages and benefits.

ACT Ohio supports and promotes regulations and legislation that put in place apprenticeship training policies and curriculum to foster standards of apprenticeship that will help train a skilled construction workforce. 


The Benefits of Union Apprenticeship

For Apprentices

  • Apprenticeship provides the training and knowledge needed to be part of a skilled workforce that receives higher wages and better benefits.
  • Apprenticeship can provide an entry point into a long-lasting and well-paying career.

For Contractors

  • Apprenticeship provides a means to properly train a highly qualified future workforce.
  • Apprenticeship provides a current workforce of eager employees at a fair wage.

For Project Owners

  • Apprentices augment a workforce and bring skilled, eager workers onto the jobsite at a reasonable cost – helping owners to save money while getting high-quality work.