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ACT Ohio advocates for quality, safe construction by qualified contractors and skilled craftsmen, as well as level competition to ensure the state’s tax dollars are spent properly. ACT Ohio strives to educate and inform the public on the importance of fair wages, workforce training, industry regulations, safety standards and green construction practices.

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ACT Ohio Executive Director Testifies Again in Opposition to HB 394

ACT Ohio Executive Director Matt Szollosi testified again yesterday in the Ohio House of Representatives Insurance Committee, in opposition to House Bill 394 (“HB 394”). Mr. Szollosi's testimony focused on how this legislation would harm both skilled construction professionals and the contractors they work for.

Background: HB 394 was introduced under the premise that Ohio needs a solvent unemployment compensation fund.

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Leading the Charge: City of Cincinnati Announces Labor and Workplace Reform Package

The City of Cincinnati continues to lead the state of Ohio in implementing positive labor and workplace reform measures. Yesterday, Mayor John Cranley and Vice Mayor David Mann announced a package of city labor and workplace reforms aimed at strengthening the middle class. Other community leaders were present for this monumental announcement, including State Senator Sherrod Brown. 

Just last month, Cincinnati became the first Ohio city to pass a wage theft ordinance, protecting employees by imposing penalties on employers who do business in the city of Cincinnati and who do not pay their employees the wages they have earned. 

Yesterday’s reform package is also the first of its kind in Ohio. It includes three key components: 1) creating a City prevailing wage law, 2) raising the City’s living wage to $15/hour for full-time employees and $10.10/hour for part-time workers, and 3) implementing crane safety measures.

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