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As a construction design or engineering professional, your reputation is always on the line when a project you worked on and planned is under construction – so you depend on the workers of the Building and Construction Trades to be properly skilled and educated so your project is completed correctly!

ACT Ohio promotes policies, advocates for industry regulations and supports programs that help ensure the state’s construction workers are properly trained and compensated and that its contractors are responsible and follow strict regulations in all that they do. By seeking to put into place practices and protocols that bolster the workforce and demand higher standards for construction professionals, ACT Ohio champions for the welfare of the state’s architects and engineers.

Among the policies, regulations and programs that ACT Ohio supports are the following:

  • Prevaling Wage: Providing skilled construction-trades crafts workers with fair wages and benefits helps build a strong workforce of committed workers, which benefits architects and engineers because these workers have the skills and education to build your projects right, on time and within budget. To learn more, click here. 
  • Apprenticeship and Training: Certified and regulated apprenticeship programs for new construction workers and upgrade training to keep journeyworkers up to date on the latest technologies, provided in state-of-the-art training facilities, ensures that construction contractors and employers have a large pool of properly trained and skilled crafts workers to perform on your projects. To learn more, click here. 
  • Industry Regulations: Ensuring that all construction professionals adhere to strict industry standards – such as building codes, safety rules and training benchmarks – that are properly regulated and strictly enforced helps build a strong construction industry and produces better construction products in which your projects are completed according to specifications. To learn more, click here
  • Labor-Management Cooperation: Bringing together construction management and contractors with the skilled construction craftspeople working for them in an atmosphere of open communication, labor-management cooperation produces a host of benefits, including reduced labor strife, a willingness for employees to work with their employers to solve issues and the advancement of training – creating conditions in which your projects are completed properly, on time and within budget. To learn more, click here. 
  • Workplace Safety: ACT Ohio promotes training that helps workers to be safe and adhere to OSHA standards, which not only helps protect lives on a construction site, but also helps construction projects get completed without costly delays. To learn more, click here. 
  • Drug-Free Workforce: ACT Ohio believes that educating a construction workforce about drug-free policies and having in place stringent testing standards further promotes safety on the construction site, which helps protect lives – while helping ensure unimpeded and fully engaged construction workers are completing your projects on schedule. To learn more, click here.